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On The Mend Restorative Massage is a small, woman-owned business.

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Owner and Certified Canine and Equine Massage Therapist


Supportive Husband Extraordinaire and Social Media Manager

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Get to know Stasha...

I started riding horses when I was 7 and have owned horses since I was 13. I  was extremely fortunate to have a supportive family who helped me begin competing in the Morgan horse show world when I was 13. I showed Morgan horses in almost all riding divisions as a junior exhibitor and amateur into my mid-20s.

I then needed to take some time away so I could officially, owning and showing is super expensive and a huge time and money commitment! Even though I wasn't showing, I always had a horse. When I got married and Nate and I bought our own little farmette, we added goats and sheep to the herd, not to mention our dogs, cats, and guinea pigs.

I used to get massages for my competition horses because of the noticeable difference in their movement, flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. I became interested in PEMF technology when my own horse was exhibiting soreness that I just couldn't get to through massage. The BEMER equine line allows me to get deeper into those muscles by activating blood circulation, which is scientifically proven to improve health, form, and function in horses (and humans too!).

Now, I am hoping to deliver those same benefits to clients and their horses; I love working with animals in an effort to improve their quality of life, and I love helping their owners, handlers, and riders see how much massage and BEMER can help their companions and athletes. 

I hope to one day be back in the show ring, and for now, I will manifest my passion and love for horses through sports massage therapy and BEMER!